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customers every step of the way and with respect and integrity. Our team of talented, energetic and efficiency partners take pride in their work and especially attention to detail. We pride our self with great customer service and quality construction. Our company provides a complete Home and backyard design, professional consulting and top quality construction by licensed contractors. There is no other company like Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools

Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools offers I wide array of services. New Home construction, commercial contracting, solar energy systems, home remodeling, Pool Construction for Residential/ Commercial Pools/ Spas, landscape and hardscape. Complete service and warranty department, and many other related services.

Since a number of years, we have managed major projects and earned our clients return business. We are experts in working with many key industries, such as, government, real estate, health care, professional services and education, with this list continually expanding. At Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pool and Spa, we are always ready to take on new challenges to create optimal solutions that meet our client’s objectives.

Whatever the scope of your project, you'll always deal with seasoned professionals and licensed contractors, timely responses from our award-winning team. Under the direction of Andrew Fine, our full-service team includes art direction, graphic and construction professionals. You'll like what you see. Strong creative eyes that never lose sight of your overall strategy that is our reputation, and we live up to it. Our design revolves around your personal needs.

Final Construction

Final Construction is one of the largest design and consulting firms in North America. Final Construction is made of multiple general contractors, swimming pool and landscape contractors. Our design firm also works with the largest engineering firms throughout the United States.  With Eco friendly construction and materials we have maintained a high standard of quality. Our customer’s highly recommend our company and we stand behind all of our work.

Mission Statement

Aqua Magic Pool and Spa mission is to be the leading swimming pool design and project management firm in the United States.With today’s growing demands for quality and service. Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools will raise the bar for our competition to reach out to their customers by providing them with a sense of security. Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pool and Spa will be expanding over the next five years, we intend on opening office throughout the United States.

New Construction

FINAL CONSTRUCTION INC. and AQUA MAGIC POOLS provides a sense of elegance, design and quality that surpasses any other small construction company.
On all newly constructed Residential homes, swimming pools and Landscaping, Final Construction will prepare our customers for the next wave of technology. We educate and provide knowledge to the community, especially our clients with energy efficient, water conservation and recycled products. We are not your ordinary construction company; we provide one on one consulting and project manager. Each job we construct requires one of our leading project managers. If you have ever owned a New Home and/or swimming pool, you will find that not everything is as easy to operate and when you are looking for help you can find it at Final Construction and Aqua Magic. We are a design and build company. All of our Sub Contractors are licensed and bonded.


At Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools, No project is to small or large for our design professionals. We provide the state of the art home remodeling, swimming pools and landscape products. From room additions to re-plastering to rebuilding your swimming pool we can do it all for you at an affordable price. 

Service And Warrenty

Ask about our Award winning Pool service and warranty department. Aqua Magic provides a variety of services at an affordable price. Our service involves pool maintenance, Equipment warranty department, pool leak repairs, tile cleaning and diagnostics on water chemistry.  All of our pool professional are licensed and bonded.


Pool and spa professionals now can become certified to perform energy audits.

By month’s end, an online course will be available to teach industry members how to evaluate the energy consumption of pools or spas, and help consumers gain from rebates and other incentive programs.

“This is opening up a tremendous opportunity as more and more states enact energy-efficiency regulations,” said Alex Antoniou, director of educational programs at the National Swimming Pool Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo., one of the organizations sponsoring the course.

“Pool professionals [who] go to their customers’ residential pools, conduct audits and make recommendations could find a nice additional stream of income and save their clients money,” he added. “Qualified or licensed service guys who are actually conducting the audits [also can do] any work that comes out of the audit.”

The course is offered jointly by the Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education, NSPF and Hanley Wood, LLC, which owns Pool & Spa News. The three entered into an alliance last year to offer at least three courses.

The Certified Aquatic Energy Auditor Course first came about when officials at FPSIE noticed that their local energy provider was too short-handed to audit backyard pools and spas. “The utilities have their plates full,” said Michael Orr, executive director of Sacramento, Calif.-based FPSIE. “[In our area] with the amount of auditors they have, it would take 30 years [to audit them all]. They just threw their hands up and said, ‘We have to have a better way.’”

Considering that California and Florida currently have efficiency laws on the books, with New York and Texas considering similar legislation, Orr expects utilities nationwide to face similar dilemmas.

The desire for homeowners to make their properties more energy efficient is well-documented. In 2009,

more energy efficient is well-documented. In 2009, 35 percent of households used caulking or weather-stripping to seal air leaks, while 23 percent insulated their homes, and 60 percent added energy-efficient lighting, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

In addition to answering an increasing need for energy efficiency, the auditor class also is geared to help pool and spa professionals maximize earnings.

“Considering the rough economy, this course couldn’t come at a better time,” Pool & Spa News Publisher Dick Coleman said. “It offers a new revenue stream for potentially thousands of service techs, who can get certified and ensure that their customers get the right equipment to properly operate their pools and also receive substantial rebates from local utilities. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The course will feature video, photos, interactive tasks and links to resources such as energy calculators to help determine how a system’s efficiency compares with the ideal. Upon completion, a test will determine if the student becomes certified.