Phase By Phase Construction Stage

Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools will bring your dreams to reality.

As you watch your home, front and backyard go from dirt into a dream paradise you will find yourself never want to leave home.

Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pool and Spa design center will study the decor of your home and design your swimming pool, hardscape and landscape to improve the value of your home. Your friends will be amazed at the transformation of your beautiful backyard paradise. New Homes, Swimming Pools and Landscaping require alot of detail. Final Construction and Aqua Magic Pools pays special attention to detail. We pride ourself by offering the best products and materials money can buy. We always look for the best in our industry and always perform at the highest standards.


Step 1:    Excavation

The most important day for building your pool is the day of excavation. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your family is there to put the pool exactly where you want it. Things to consider: where the sun hits, how much patio room you want, if you want planters, a barbecue, etc. Just remember what is important to your family, and how we can best help you realize your vision.
Some grading may be necessary to have a level area, and to promote proper drainage around the pool area. After grading, we’ll stake out exactly where the pool is going. We’ll nee you to approve the size shape, location, and amount of dirt left on the property.
Dirt RemovalThe construction crew will do their best to finish within the allotted time for excavation. It is RARE to exceed the estimated time, but a number of factors can influence how many hours it takes to dig your pool, for example, running into cobble rock, granite, sandstone, hard clay or a high water table. We do our best to estimate conditions and time, but it’s unfortunately not perfect.
In most cases, we remove all the dirt from the job site. If you want some of the dirt left on your property, please inform us of how much you want and where we should leave it.

Steel Engineering

Step 2:     Steel Reinforcement

After excavation, comes the steel reinforcing throughout the pool. Tying the steel is one of the more grueling jobs you’ll ever see, as each and every bar is tied by hand. This will be blocked at least three inches above the soil, so the shotcrete or Gunite can properly surround every bar of steel. All benches require steel, but the steps into the pool do not. Proper steel placement ensures that your pool will last a lifetime.
Steel and Bonding InspectionYour first inspection is a good chance to familiarize yourself with your local inspector. It’s always important to get any questions about anything you are unsure about, such as fencing, walls, and alarms, out of the way early. Doing so can give you plenty of time to deal with any changes they may require. ALWAYS leave the permit someplace visible, usually on top of the heater at the pool equipment, or at least visible near the pool equipment. No paperwork will cause the inspection to fail.
The first inspection covers how much steel is required for your pool, bonding for any metals within five feet of your pool, and required distances between the dirt and steel. The sooner we find out if this inspection passes the better! This allows us to schedule the next phase of shotcrete (interior concrete lining). It is usually helpful if you can look on the permit to see if the inspector has signed off on the inspection. All inspections called SHOULD take place within two days of calling. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the inspector’s schedule, attitude, or the signature we need to proceed.


Step 3:    Swimming Pool Plumbing  

The third phase for every pool and spa is the installation of plumbing for return lines, skimmers, main drains, light niches, and equipment placement. In addition, spas receive their jet plumbing, and any additional booster pumps. If solar heating is requested, know is the time to mark out where you’d like the future piping to go (usually either on the house or on the ground racks – if you have any questions about placement, feel free to contact us).
It’s important to know that all your plumbing lines will be under a pressure of at least 35 PSI for the duration of the pool construction. Full of water, this prevents the pipes from taking any damage without knowing immediately. If the pressure gauge of top of your filter ever reads zero, be sure to let your foreman know at your earliest convenience so we can rectify any potential damage.

Electrical And Gas

Step: 4  Gas and Electric

Our Pool professional provide the proper electrical service to your equipment up to 50 Amps. Upgrades to your main service are the owner’s responsibility. If you have any special needs Aqua Magic Pool and Spa will be more than happy to help you. Gas Line installations are sized according to the Manufacture requirements and set by the Unified Plumbing Code. Once the gas is in, the all important electrical is put in. This includes outlets, controllers, salt generators, and pump hook ups. Our electricians can assist you in adding any extras that you want, but let us know ahead of time so we can properly mark them out. Make sure your supervisor is aware of any additional work you’d like done, so it can be clearly marked in your backyard.


Step 5:     Gunite

Some people ask us how we differ from the average pool company – this is one of them. Some companies still use Gunite in their poor construction. Gunite is concrete and sand mixed on-site, which produces 2000 to 2500 PSI (pounds per square inch=strength) than concrete by itself. Gunite inevitable causes rebound that the Gunite doesn’t adhere to the sides of the pool as it’s being applied. The rebound, being of lesser quality, usually is used in steps, benches, and even the skimmer. In reality, the rebound off of the sides of the pool should be discarded. Using the rebound creates weak spots in the pool that can become hollow as the rebound settles. Even worse, the weak spots can deteriorate over time, providing easy places where water can leak out. Getting the formula correct can be difficult.
Aqua Magic supervises this type of application and will insure you that this will not happen.
Aqua Magic uses Gunite and Shot Crete… no rebound in the pool and stronger PSI. Shotcrete is pre concrete premixed by a professional concrete company to be a minimum of 3000 PSI (usually testing out at 5000 PSI). Then the shotcrete is directly pumped into your pool, filling all the gaps around the steel (with no rebound). All steps, benches, and skimmers receive the same quality of shotcrete as the rest of the pool.
While absolutely one of the more incredible stages of construction, Gunite and Shot Crete takes only a few hours to apply. We ABSOLUTELY need you on-site to decide exactly how big your steps, baja/reef/shamu shelves, and spa bench heights will be. Everything is customized, but only if you’re there to give your approval.
Caring for the Gunite and/ Or ShotcreteAfter Gunite or Shot Crete, it’s important that it is kept wet so it can properly cure. It needs to be watered down three times a day for a week. You cannot over water the Gunite or Shot Crete. Every nook and cranny, all steps and benches, and all raised areas require adequate water to be absorbed during the curing process. The water helps to strengthen the bonds in the concrete and keeps it form cracking.

Tile And Coping

Step 6:     Tile Work

Aqua Magic Pools prides itself for its attention to detail. From the smallest to the largest project we spend the time in perfecting our workmanship. We are very critical about the finish product we provide our customer. If we are not satisfied we the workmanship we will remove and replace what ever is needed to have the perfect looking swimming pool. Tile and Coping is one the most important things you can do to your swimming. The tile and coping you choose can set your pool apart from many other pools. Ask your pool professional to help you select the right colors to match or contrast your surroundings. We carry a wide variety of Tile, Stone and Brick. Cantilever edge is another option in place of Coping.

Water And Features

Step 7:     Water features

Aqua Magic Pools specialize in Rock water features (Natural and Artificial Rock) with our team of pool professional we create the perfect water feature for you home.


Step 8:     Decking and hard-scape

Decking is another important part of your swimming pool.
Aqua Magic Pools spend a great deal of time exploring your options with concrete, pavers, tile, slate and many other materials. We believe that you can change the complete appearance by implementing the right design and finish.


Step 9:    Landscaping

Landscaping adds the finishing touch’s to yard backyard. Aqua Magic Pools works with the finest landscapers in the area. We only choose the best and most reputable Landscapers. Aqua Magic Pools will design your landscaping to fit your style of home and your surrounding. We work very closely with all the HOA's in your area.


Final Step: Plaster

Plaster is the final step for your new pool. Plaster is a smooth material. This waterproof material covers the interior surface of your pool. During this phase, the plaster crew will install any interior fittings (i.e. rope anchors or main drains). The plaster will be complete in one day.
As soon as the plaster has been applied, the plaster crew will begin fitting your new pool. Please follow these important steps:
This is critical! DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON OR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, STOP THE WATER UNTIL IT REACHES HALFWAY UP ON THE TILE! Stopping the water before it reaches this level could cause a permanent stain or ring to appear on the plaster. The plaster could possibly develop cracks.
DO NOT GO INTO THE POOL TO REMOVE DEBRIS! You may use a FINE MIST SPRAY to hose down dust or dirt into the pool water.
Please do not turn any switches or try to operate the pool pump or light. We will turn on the equipment during start up. You could permanently damage the equipment or pool lights by trying to operate the equipment early.
You will need to brush the pool several times per day for a week. You will be shown how to do this during the start up phase.
We will schedule a visit to complete detail work and perform the start up. Do not allow anyone into the pool until the start up has been performed. Since the water has not been chemically treated, it may not be safe.